“Puturing”, the Importance of Communication Skills & AI Policies

Published 16/02/2024 / FRESH INK

Communications skills rank top for marketers as businesses prioritise human-centricity, according to LinkedIn. 👩‍💼🗯 

We are also seeing moves by Meta to bring in AI related policies and detection tools so readers can decipher what’s real and what’s not.  

And, last but not least. If you’ve not yet read Richard Van Der Bloom’s latest LinkedIn insights – he explains why “Puturing” makes Perfect.  

All this and more in this week’s Fresh Ink:  

🤩 “Puturing” makes Perfect on LinkedIn 

🔎 Leveraging Bottom-of-the-Funnel SEO for B2B Success 

🗯 Communication skills rank top for marketers  

🚨 Meta Levels Up Generative AI Policies and Detection Tools 

⚖️ Bauer splits print and digital operations 

🤖 Reshaping Advertising Strategies in the AI Era 

“Puturing” makes Perfect on LinkedIn 

Mastering the art of “puturing” drives growth on LinkedIn, according to Richard Van Der Bloom. “Puturing” refers to publishing and nurturing e.g. tagging, replying to comments within an hour. Then reposting after 6-8 hours for extended visibility. Other insights include ‘editing smart’ – only changing 15% of a post. And, polls boost page reach by 2.19x, documents by 1.44x, and text by 0.46x. 

Social Media Today – New Report Highlights Key Tips to Maximize LinkedIn Performance [Infographic]  

Leveraging Bottom-of-the-Funnel SEO for B2B Success 

While top-of-the-funnel content (TOFU) can generate traffic, in B2B, bottom-of-the-funnel (BOFU) content is essential for converting leads into sales. BOFU content is all about conversations, and its crucial to show Google that you are an authoritative source. But, how do you get BOFU SEO right? Focus keyword research on purchase intent, develop targeted content and optimise your website for conversions. 

MarTech News – Why bottom-of-the-funnel SEO is the game-changer your B2B needs  

Communication skills rank top for marketers  

Communication skills are the most sought-after skill for marketers, according to new data from LinkedIn. Globally, social media, digital marketing and marketing strategy followed. LinkedIn attributes this rise to companies’ desire for growth and businesses are “prioritising” human-centric skills for marketing. Brands are also asking marketers to make informed decisions with critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  

Marketing Week – Demand for communication skills in marketing increasing ‘exponentially’, data suggests  

Meta Levels Up Generative AI Policies and Detection Tools 

Meta has announced plans to introduce generative AI related policies and detection tools to enhance transparency and limit misinformation. This process requires users to disclose when content includes generative AI features. Meta will also use its own technology to find AI content and enforce AI image labelling. This is particularly timely, given the importance of transparency as AI content continues to grow, and readers remain unsure of what is real or not. 

Digiday – Meta expands AI image labelling to include AI-generated content from other platforms  

Bauer splits print and digital operations 

Bauer Media Group has announced plans to merge all its digital areas of global publishing into one single unit. The shake-up will involve moving away from a localised structure, and a new international management team leading digital operations across Germany, the UK, France, and Poland. The company claim the move will help them make full use of its digital expertise and unlock new opportunities. CEO Chris Duncan will be standing down, replaced by incoming co-CEOs Helen Morris and Steve Prentice. 

Press Gazette – Bauer’s UK publishing CEO Chris Duncan to step down amid leadership restructure 

Reshaping Advertising Strategies in the AI Era 

Advertising organisations are making significant investments in AI, as the industry faces a decline in traditional advertising methods, both in TV and newspapers, in favour of larger tech platforms. Brands now have more opportunities to interact personally with customers through the internet. And, AI is the final piece of the puzzle for advertisers to improve targeted content, assisting but not replacing many of the industry’s traditional job functions – from creating ads to placing them in front of the target audience. 

Financial Times – How AI is transforming the business of advertising  


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