Reputational Roulette, LinkedIn Library & Google Cloud 

Published 22/09/2023 / FRESH INK

Are FTSE 100 companies playing reputational roulette? 🎲 

Find out about this, and more in this week’s Fresh Ink, including: 

– Marketing and sales alignment improves 

– The Linkedin library is open 

–  The importance of ABM with Alice Clarke, Google Cloud 

– Digiday Subscription Index reports publishers expect growth 

FTSE 100 Spin the Reputational Roulette  

The CIPR has found that almost half of the FTSE 100 lack a director of communications, or a similar dedicated position, on their executive board or leadership team. This is despite the heavy reputational damage these companies can face – and the impact that a poor communication strategy can have on revenue. The lack of communications expertise in boardrooms suggests that these brands are playing reputational roulette, in an age of rolling, twenty-four seven news coverage.  

CIPR – New CIPR research finds nearly half of the UK’s corporate giants fail to recognise the risk of reputational damage    

The LinkedIn Content Library Opens  

LinkedIn has introduced a new branded content library and search function, allowing users to explore influencer campaigns using branded content tags. So, users can see how others are using influencers in the app – including competitors – and provides greater transparency over paid promotions to align with the EU Digital Services Act. With increased content sharing on the platform, leveraging influencers in niche areas may prove valuable for businesses. 

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Adds New Branded Content Library, Listing All Influencer Campaigns in the App  

The Importance of ABM with Alice Clarke, Google Cloud 

Alice Clarke, Head of Strategic Accounts Marketing for Google Cloud EMEA, sat down with 3THINKRS to discuss the importance of account-based marketing (ABM). Alice outlined Google Cloud’s approach to ABM, and how this strategy allows them to break through stakeholder connections, drive cloud positioning and accelerate the partnership lifecycle. And covers the skills necessary to become a successful ABM’er. 

3T – Why Account Based Marketers Matter  

Social has become the new shopping catalogue  

68% of social media users follow brands to stay up to date with new products and services, 46% use it to access deals or promotions, and 28% enjoy engaging with the brand’s community or customers, according to the latest Sprout Social Index report. Marketers can take advantage of this behaviour by producing a consistent stream of content and maintaining regular engagement with their audience. 

Sprout Social Index – Breakthrough 2023 Report 

Marketing And Sales Alignment Improves   

53% of salespeople agree that they are well-aligned with their organisation’s marketing team, new research from Demand Gen shows. Respondents claim improved alignment between sales and marketing is the biggest priority in driving growth, with the belief that both teams should own the growth metric within an organisation. There are challenges however and the biggest barrier to collaboration is cited to be the inconsistent use of data and operational systems. 

Marketing Charts – Improved B2B Marketing and Sales Alignment Bodes Well for Growth  

Digiday Subscription Index Reports Growth  

The Digiday Subscription Index collects data from a list of publishers across a set of dimensions that describe their approaches to subscriptions. It found that 80% of publisher professionals expect revenue growth in the next year. Professional publishers, with strict paywalls, offer tiered subscriptions focusing on research-based benefits, events, and multimedia content to cater to different reader needs. Enterprise subscriptions and pricing deals are also common, reflecting the unique strategies of this cohort. 

Digiday – Professional Subscription Index: Bloomberg, Forbes, Politico focus on member benefits  


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