Reuters reaches 3.8 million people in May & the latest on Google’s ‘Genesis’ AI tool

Published 28/07/2023 / FRESH INK

🦙 Someone let a Llama loose! 🦙 (Don’t worry, it’s just Meta’s new advanced AI foundation model)  

This week’s Fresh Ink covers:  

• The latest AI updates 

• The news channels and social media that are taking lead  

• Tips for link building and content marketing   

Reuters and Forbes most popular for UK business news 

Reuters reached 3.8 million people in May, giving it an 8% reach, according to Ipsos iris. It was followed by Forbes (3.4 million people, 7% reach) and the Financial Times ranked in third (3.1 million people, 6% reach). Insider Inc (2.9 million), Bloomberg (1.8 million), Investing (1.2 million), CNBC (1.1 million), The Wall Street Journal (905,163), MoneyWeek (897,233) and Investopedia (893,617) followed.  

Press Gazette – Ranked: Most popular websites for business news in UK in 2023 

News journeys shift from brand to search and social.  

News journeys are now 10% less likely to start with the news brand’s own website or an app. Instead, audiences are preferring to access news via side-door routes such as social media, search, or mobile aggregators. Algorithms have also lost popularity, as a third say that having stories selected for them based on previous consumption is not a good way to get news. Instead, Facebook and Twitter continue to dominate as the social networks where news media and journalists are central to the conversation. 

Reuters – Digital News Report 2023 

Meta Releases Its LLama Into The Wild 

Meta has released its latest version of its advanced AI foundation model, Llama 2, which will be available to the public free of charge. The model will be distributed by Microsoft through its Azure Cloud service, showing Microsoft’s willingness to expand its AI game beyond OpenAI. The announcement follows plans by Microsoft’s cloud rivals, Google, and Amazon, to also give business customers access to a range of AI models. 

Marketing Dive – Sociable: Meta releases advanced Llama 2 large language model to power new AI experiences  

Will X Mark the Spot for Elon Musk’s Twitter? 

Unless you’ve been without signal for a week, you’ll see that Twitter has rebranded to ‘X’, with the blue bird logo replaced with ‘X’ and Tweets will now be referred to as ‘X’s’. It’s all a part of Elon Musk’s plan to create an everything app that will transform the “global town square”. In doing so, Musk is aiming to follow in the footsteps of apps such as WeChat, which also let users pay for services through a finance system.  

The Independent – Twitter rebrands to X as part of Elon Musk’s plan to create an ‘everything app’ 

Five steps to boosting growth, with content marketing  

SaaS brands that prioritise the content marketing experience a higher growth rate than those that don’t. Good content marketing strategies can generate over 448% ROI for SaaS brands, while also costing 62% less than traditional marketing. To boost your B2B SaaS content marketing, this article offers 5 steps – conduct proper research, focus on the buyer’s journey, utilise keywords strategies, build content authority and use social media.  

Entrepeneur – 5 Ways to Boost Your B2B SaaS Content Marketing  

Link Building for Business Building  

Link building plays an important role in driving traffic, enhancing brand awareness, and generating leads. This article explores some of the link-building techniques – from making space for guest bloggers on your website, to leaving comments on authority blogs and posts and registering your business on website directories, such as LinkedIn and Capterra. To convert your organisation to the top spot, Google recognises the value of meaningful content.  

B2B News Network – Link Building Strategies for B2B Marketers  

Authored by Genesis  

Google is testing a product that uses artificial intelligence technology to produce news stories, pitching it to News Corp – owner of The New York Times, The Washington Post and The Wall Street Journal’s. The tool – Genesis, can take in information — details of current events, for example — and generate news content. Google believes it could serve as a kind of personal assistant for journalists, automating some tasks to free up time for other.  

New York Times – Google Tests AI Tool That Is Able To Write News Articles  


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