‘Test, learn and win’, Economist’s Digital Readership & Deep B2B Sellers

Published 01/03/2024 / FRESH INK

The ‘human touch’ will help brands stand out when Google’s Search Generative Experience kicks-in.  

AI might be seen as the golden goose of marketing at the moment, but AI is also changing SEO. Content will now need to be adjusted to fight AI’s automated response. And, adjust for the cookieless future. 🤖 

Explore more on this, and other industry stories in this week’s Fresh Ink:  

🎯 Deep Sellers 2 x More Likely to Meet Quota according to LinkedIn 

☕️ Economist’s Espresso Daily Digital Readership up by 74% 

📊 A Third of Marcomms Pros Track Commercial Impact 

👋 Use the ‘Human Touch’ to beat Google’s SGE 

🍪 ‘Test, learn and win’ as the Cookie Crumbles 

👨‍💼 The Modern CMO’s Playbook 

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Deep Sellers 2 x More Likely to Meet Quota according to LinkedIn 

Deep sellers are twice as likely to surpass their targets compared with shallow sellers, according to LinkedIn’s new B2B Deep Sales playbook. But how do they outperform? Deep seller’s multithread more often, with 68% strongly agreeing that connecting with purchase influencers within an account helps to advance deals. And, 60% use sales intelligence tools, compared to 15% of shallow sellers.   

LinkedIn – Deep Sales: the B2B sales playbook to boost revenue in 2024  

Economist’s Espresso Daily Digital Readership up by 74% 

UK consumer magazine circulation dropped in 2023 by 12.4% – due in part to the huge increase in titles registering for “all you can read” bundle subscription services such as Readly. However, a number of publications bucked the trend – the Economist’s Espresso daily digital edition grew by 74%, BBC Top Gear Magazine (up 37%), BBC Sky at Night (up 44%), BBC Wildlife (up 70%) and BBC Science Focus. 

Press Gazette – Magazine ABCs 2023: Full breakdown of titles shows 12.4% circulation fall  

A Third of Marcomms Pros Track Commercial Impact  

1 in 3 PRs track the commercial impact of their work – while 66% are focused on driving high volumes of coverage, according to CoverageBook. While outdated metrics like AVE have been put to bed, there are still challenges with measurement – 52% mentioning a lack of measurement tools and 54% citing a lack of a universal framework during the reporting process. 

PR Week – Most marcomms pros can’t prove value of their work, research finds  

Use the ‘Human Touch’ to beat Google’s SGE  

Google’s upcoming Search Generative Experience (SGE) uses Gen AI to provide automated answers to user queries. Think “best moisturisers for dry skin”. Meaning users are less likely to find your search-optimized blog posts. To win in this new SEO world, the ‘human touch’ can help. Brands can leverage personal perspectives and first-hand narratives to offer insights AI can’t.  

Forbes – Preparing For Google’s Search Generative Experience  

‘Test, learn and win’ as the Cookie Crumbles  

‘Test, learn and win’ is the approach businesses must take to campaigns in a cookieless future, according to LinkedIn’s new playbook. They recommend setting up a strong framework for collecting and using first-party data. And, revaluating approaches like last-click attribution, which may overstate the impact of activities like search and display. Finally, they recommend trying new AI technologies for scalable targeting and ROI, highlighting its own Predictive Audience tool. 

Search Engine Land – LinkedIn publishes actionable steps before third-party cookie depreciation  

The Modern CMO’s Playbook 

The evolving roles of CMOs is a hot topic of discussion amongst marketers. When speaking to Marketing Week, Zaid Al-Qassab, outgoing Channel 4 CMO emphasised that marketing fundamentally stays the same amidst evolving trends. And, Claire Cronin, CMO at Chelsea FC highlighted that the CMO role must focus broadly on reputation management. To be successful, CMOs must continue to prioritise performance marketing, reputational control and growth. 

Marketing Week – ‘Marketing won’t change’: Top marketers on the evolving CMO role  


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