The B2B “Circle of Boom”, Video Ads Jump & Catching Gen Z’s Attention

Published 06/10/2023 / FRESH INK

Recommit to the brand vs invest more in sales 🤯 

It’s a hot topic with clients. And, like the latest Dentsu study, there are contradictory patterns of thought.  

We are big believers at 3THINKRS of jumping into the B2B “Circle of Boom”.   

Find out how, in Fresh Ink. And, discover the latest trending stories for #CMOs, #CEOs and #CROs:  

CMOS Question Brand or Performance  

✨ Meta’s Threads Is Losing Its Sparkle 

⭕️ Jump into the B2B “Circle of Boom” 

📹 Video ads jump 74% 

🚨 Getting Gen Z’s Attention 

❌ The Subscription Haggle 

CMOs: Brand Vs Performance?  

77% of CMOs believe that they need to recommit to the brand, according to a Dentsu study. And, a near equal 75% agreed that they need to double down on performance. Many are questioning, is there room for both? 31% of marketers are rebalancing investment in brand this year, and 46% are reinvesting in performance. Time will tell whether focusing on both simultaneously is beneficial for a brand, or whether prioritising one is the way to go.  

Marketing Charts – Brand..Performance..Both?  

Meta’s Threads Is Losing Its Sparkle  

Threads is expected to rank second-to-last among social networking sites this year and is forecast to grow its user base by only 26.4% in 2024 and 13.1% in 2025. While the platform appears to have lost its initial sparkle, there is chance to close the gap with Musk’s X forecast to shrink in upcoming years. Its identity must be more of an alternative to X – long-term success will depend on Threads’ gaining a stronger point of differentiation.  

Marketing Dive – Threads still poses a threat to X despite slowed growth, analysis finds  

Video ads jump 74%  

According to Kantar’s Media Reactions study, online video ads are expected to have the most positive spending momentum for 2024, with a net increase of 74% among marketers and agencies. Online video remains the preferred medium for marketers for the fourth year in a row, though consumer preferences differ. At the same time, video streaming ads and social media show strong positive momentum, while retail media is a fast-growing channel with a significant increase in spending plans. 

Marketing Charts – What’s the Outlook for Media Budgets Next Year? 

Avoid the B2B “Circle of Doom” 

Alignment between B2B sales and marketing is only 16%, according to the LinkedIn customer insights team. This is leaving many organisations in the “circle of doom” but B2B marketing and sales must overlap in order to jump into the circle of “boom”. High alignment can cut sales and marketing costs, while increasing client retention by 36% and boost marketing-generated income by 208%.  

Marketing Week – The ‘circles of doom’: Quantifying the misalignment of B2B marketing and sales  

Getting the Attention of Gen Z 

Gen Z journalists are driven by exposing injustice (58%), holding governments and institutions accountable (29%), according to a new study from Green Target. This makes them a receptive audience to organisations’ messages about CSR, ESG, DE&I and similar initiatives – but also shows willingness to call out real or perceived missteps. There’s also an eagerness to stress the importance of diverse sources and include voices from historically marginalized communities.  

PR Daily – What PR pros should know about the newest generation of journalists  

The Subscription Haggle  

One-third of news subscribers cancelled or adjusted their subscription costs in the past year. Discounts effectively attract new news subscribers, but many cancel or renegotiate their subscriptions rather than paying full price, says a Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism report. Growing cost-of-living concerns and infrequent usage were cited as reasons for cancellations. The report also highlighted the challenge publishers face in transitioning subscribers from trial prices to full rates. 

Press Gazette – Who pays for news? Discounts lure in new subscribers but many cancel rather than pay more  


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