The fight to become the “watercooler of the internet” is underway… 

Published 14/07/2023 / FRESH INK

In this week’s Fresh Ink, we judge whether it’s Musk or Meta that’s winning – and explore the early success of Threads. 

Plus, there’s more:  

– The Financial Times’ plans to grow B2B offerings. 

– The importance of creative quality to marketing effectiveness. 

– What’s stopping marketers becoming CEO’s. 

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A Search Generative Experience  

As generative AI rocks the internet, businesses will do well to future-proof their SEO strategy. Building direct traffic is key, with good content, great experience, and strong messaging. It’s also important to create content that AI cannot replicate, drawing on human experience and expertise, to find the right angle.  

Search Engine Journal – How to Build a Future-Proofed SEO Strategy When AI is Changing SEO  

FT Improves Professional Outlook  

The Financial Times’s B2B division FT Enterprise is rebranding to FT Professional. It’s a move to bolster the paper’s B2B offerings and boost subscriptions. FT Professional will expand the paper’s focus to sectors like professional services, law, media, and technology, while maintaining a steady focus on financial services, banking, government, and education. For PRs, there’s more opportunities for pitching. 

Press Gazette – FT reveals how it plans to grow B2B subscriptions yet further  

Digital-First, Dominates B2B Selling  

Nearly half of B2B buyers use social media to reach sellers, and 69% won’t hesitate to share negative customer experiences online. Overall, B2B professionals are increasing their social media activity. Close to 40% of professionals in all sectors said they engaged with content multiple times a day in 2022, up from 28% in 2021. 

Insider Intelligence – Younger B2B buyers are the main reason marketers need to refresh their social media marketing strategies  

B2B Creative Effectiveness Rises  

Nearly two-thirds (62.3%) of B2B marketers have seen their focus on creative effectiveness rise, while 54.9% of B2C marketers say the same. Marketers are putting the focus on the quality of their creative, to improve branding and the overall success of campaigns. To the extent that, 80.9% of B2B companies deem creative effectiveness as the overall, most important factor to a campaign’s success.  

Marketing Week – 80% of marketers deem creative quality key to marketing effectiveness  

Meta’s new Thread count  

Meta’s new offering ‘Threads’ entered the fight to be the “watercooler of the internet” last week. The key metrics that will determine a victory include – the length of time spent on the app, and whether Zuckerberg actually attracts the ‘super active Twitter users’ who generate more than 95% of Twitter’s content. It’s still super early days, but it’s worth keeping an eye on when Meta introduces an EU version.   

Bloomberg – Five Indicators of Threads’ Success  


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