Who doesn’t love using emojis?

Published 24/02/2023 / FRESH INK

Who doesn’t love using emojis? We will have 31 more to choose from soon! 🤩 

This week’s Fresh Ink shares the latest emoticons that are set to hit our screens, the impending paid verification models and how AI is impacting our industry! 

Read on for more top stories in PR, marketing, and social media. ✅ 


It’s official – new emojis are coming! With the recent release of iOS 16.4, 31 new emojis are coming to our screens in March/April 2023. Among them include new colours of the heart emoji, hand emojis and animals, like a moose, jellyfish, and a goose. Will these emojis make an appearance in your branded content? 

TechCrunch – iOS 16.4 to bring 31 new emojis   

Swift Strategy  

Never in our wildest dreams did we think Taylor Swift would bring inspiration to B2B product launch strategies. But, her 10th original studio album Midnights, and the campaign that preceded it, was communicated with authenticity, momentum, and mystique. All great ways to create suspense and increase engagement.  

Cision – Taylor Swift: Master of the Product Launch

Ramp Up That Rant!  

Twitter Blue subscribers in the US are now able to post tweets up to 4,000 characters in length. Paying users can share extra content under a ‘show more’ prompt, as well as longer video uploads.  The company is also looking at adding formatting to posts. Will it be a hit – or another Musk-take?

Social Media Today – Twitter Blue subscribers can now post tweets up to 4,000 characters 

Don’t rely on AI  

Using AI correctly can support the content creation process, but we have a long way to go. 43% of PR practitioners have limited knowledge and lack confidence when using AI. Ensuring organisations educate employees about the ethical use of AI and remaining transparent with how it is being used is a must. Control the tech, don’t let it control you. 

CIPR – Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools and the impact on public relations (PR) practice 

Splash the Cash 

Meta has followed Twitter’s lead by announcing the rollout of a new paid verification model. Paid personal accounts will enjoy better visibility and greater prominence. Twitter has updated its paid model by making SMS-based two-factor authentication available to premium users only. It’s a move that’s sparked security concerns. 

The Guardian – Facebook and Instagram to get paid verification as Twitter charges for two-factor SMS authentication 


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