Series A media pitches drop by 74% & GB News rivals Sky and BBC

Published 04/08/2023 / FRESH INK

Threads user count is beginning to unravel, so will users return to X? 

This week’s Fresh Ink covers:  

• New opportunities for marketers with GB News, radio and generative AI  

• The latest pitching trends from Propel’s Q3 Media Barometer 

• Tips for B2B personalisation and lead scoring  

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GB News rivals Sky News and BBC News 

Launched in 2021, GB News is now challenging Sky News and BBC News in some primetime slots, according to the latest Ofcom report. The report also showed that news content was the second most popular genre of short-form video favoured by 63% of UK adults. While 50% of people turn to the radio to catch up on news. Podcasts are listened to mostly for entertainment or learning.  

Press Gazette – News is second most popular type of social media video – Ofcom  

Threads User Count Is Unravelling  

While Threads achieved 100 million users in its first five days of launch, the platform has lost more than a half of those users. Meta attributes this to the app’s limited functionality and expects retention to increase as the app improves. But with excitement over Threads fading and Twitter’s transformation to X capturing the conversation, this is not a foregone conclusion.  

BBC – Mark Zuckerberg: Threads users down by more than a half  

Leads – the power of negative scoring    

Effective lead scoring models deliver a 50% average increase in annual revenue. But, most lead scoring models are based on acquired lists. Creating a lead scoring system based on customer behaviour, brand engagement and demographics can help drive conversion. Organisations should also consider negative scoring, as excluding stagnant leads will increase efficiency and allow marketing efforts to be prioritised.   

SEO Journal – Lead Scoring: The Value in B2B Marketing  

B2B Personalisation boosts market share by 10% 

B2B companies that boosted their market share by 10% or more did so by delivering multi-channel experiences that were backed by personalised marketing. The report by McKinsey showed that as well as increasing their one-to-one marketing efforts, B2B companies that are gaining share are also expanding their go-to-market channels. Another key finding of interest is that B2B decision-makers used 10 distinct interaction channels to evaluate and research suppliers. 

ANA – B2B Companies Double Down on Personalisation  

Series A media pitches drop by 74% in Q3 

There was a 74% decrease in series A tech pitches, according to Propel’s Q3 2023 media barometer. However, responses to these funding pitches were stable. Strangely, there was an 81.6% drop in responses to pitches which mentioned investing. Propel’s Q3 2023 media barometer also reported that only 3% of pitches were answered by journalists, despite opening 49% of those received.  

Propel – Q3 Media Barometer 2023  

65% of B2B Marketers are investigating or experimenting with AI 

65% of B2B marketers say that their companies are investigating, experimenting with, or already using AI to plan and produce content, according to Forrester. Generative AI tools are helping marketers think beyond personalising to verticalizing, repurposing, repackaging, and refreshing content to meet customers’ needs. The onus is on helping marketers move past the blank page or conveying ideas when language is a challenge. 

Digital Commerce 360 – Making Generative AI work for better B2B content  


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