You Reap What You SEO

Published 10/03/2023 / FRESH INK

You Reap What You SEO 🤷  

Fresh Ink explores the latest LinkedIn updates, the lowdown on preparation for the new AI era. And, the top tips on how press releases can boost your SEO.  

Read on for more top stories in PR, marketing, and social media in this week’s Fresh Ink. ✅ 

You Reap What You SEO 

Getting your SEO strategy right means more active information seekers over a longer period. But how can the writing of your press releases support this? Small keyword tweaks, quoting high profile individuals within the organisation and the use of original data can have big effects on search value.  

Visably – The Ultimate PR Guide to Search Engine Strategy 

Organisational Data-Tastic 

LinkedIn reports are getting an upgrade! Soon we will be able to see more in-depth data on how content is reaching employees from specific companies. This could be handy intel for focusing your outreach. More segmentation leads to better targeting; any more tools to assist this are a welcome addition. 

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Provides New Segmentation Options for its Company Engagement Report

A Pinch of Salt 

As the hype fades and flaws come into focus, important questions are being asked about the impact of conversational AI. There is no escaping the clear inaccuracies found within these AI tools. So, what can you do to plan for the new AI era? Prepare your brand, client or executives for the new wave and use the tools to your advantage.  

PR Week – AI meets PR: Why a wobbly debut shouldn’t be mistaken for a flop

Hot Off the Press  

87% of communications leaders say that the C-suite is relying on the counsel of their organisation’s comms teams. And they’re not only being asked to deliver key insights, but they’re also required to brief on industry news. Answering this call means developing an up-to-the-moment response, which succinctly summarises the news. 

Cision – The Business Case for Outsourcing your Daily News Briefings

All-in on AI 

Do you find starting a conversation hard? LinkedIn has you covered. The introduction of a feature called ‘collaborative articles’ uses AI-powered prompts to encourage input from specific ‘expert’ users. The measure hopes to boost engagement and showcase user experience in the footsteps of its parent company, Microsoft.  

The Verge – LinkedIn’s flood of ‘collaborative’ articles start out with AI prompts

Top or Flop? 

Brands’ confidence in Instagram is growing – but agencies’ confidence is on shakier ground. It’s the top marketing channel among agencies, but it’s still behind Google and Facebook when it comes to agency spending. With confidence fluctuating, can the social-media giant convince agencies of its continued marketing potential? 

Digiday – Digiday+ Research deep dive: Brands’ confidence in Instagram grows, while agencies’ confidence wavers


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